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In-House Dining - Private Cook at your place

On the set time and date, we come and offer you the opportunity to enjoy a unique and discreet dining experience in the comfort and privacy of your villa, holiday home or yacht. It is a fantastic option for special occasions, romantic dinners, or simply for a truly personalized and intimate dining experience

What’s always included:

Vegetarian menu

90€per person
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Meat menu

130€per person
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Fish menu

160€per person
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In-House Dining + Wine Tasting

Combine your dinner with a wine tasting experience. Before savouring the local Greek dishes, discover the wealth of Greek wine through the tasting of 4 distinct wines from indigenous Greek varieties which you will later pair with your dinner.

Vegetarian menu + Wine Tasting

170€per person
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Meat menu + Wine Tasting

210€per person
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Fish menu + Wine Tasting

240€per person
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