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In-house dining with the locals in Greece can be a truly authentic experience. Many Greeks are known for their hospitality, and they often invite visitors to their homes for a home-cooked meal. This type of dining experience offers a glimpse into the daily life and culture of Greece, as well as an opportunity to taste homemade dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. Get connected with local hosts and families through authentic dining experiences. Local hosts are trained to prepare traditional recipes to welcome you into their homes. The host will prepare four dishes for you or with you and you will enjoy your meal in a traditional manner. Book a homestay with a Greek family:

What’s always included:

Dine with the locals + Wine Tasting

Combine your dinner at a local home with a wine tasting experience. Before savouring the local Greek dishes, discover the wealth of Greek wine through the tasting of 4 distinct wines from indigenous Greek varieties which you will later pair with your dinner.

Vegetarian menu + Wine Tasting

Meat menu + Wine Tasting

Fish menu + Wine Tasting

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